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Switch from paper to electronic forms. Save steps. Do more with less.


In today’s economy many paper-driven forms processes are slow, hard to track and a drain on productivity. From human resources to accounting and financial to contracts management to general administration, your organization likely has hundreds of these paper-heavy routines, new employee onboarding, performance evaluations, capital requests, time and expense reporting, just to name a few. Up to 80 percent of business-driving documents are forms, and yet, despite needing to do more with less, most companies do little to change the way they approach forms management.


VBConfidential Electronic forms solution is helping organizations to simplify their labor management processes.
Employees open e-forms, such as expense reports and time sheets.  Once they’ve completed all required fields, appended attachments and applied a secure digital signature, the form is sent into the web based system.

  • Take the burden off administrative staff, providing access to e-forms that employees complete anywhere on any device

  • Standardize forms and the processes they drive to ensure consistent data is consistent and compliant

  • Track forms throughout their lifecycle — no more missing envelopes or misfiled documents

  • Reduce turnaround time for all your labor management tasks

  • Minimize stress at peak times by ensuring all forms are submitted with needed attachments on time

  • Automate tasks and eliminate redundant and paper-related actions

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