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Human Resources Records Scanning

Human Resource (HR) and personnel departments tend to be extremely paper intensive and difficult to manage.

HR departments are typically stock piled with files upon files of confidential information regarding current and past employees, as well as potential employees. Many of these documents are required by law to be stored and kept on file for years, depending on the industry.

Why Should You Digitize HR Files?

As paperwork piles up it is important to be able to quickly access and redistribute information when necessary. Digitizing and indexing all of your documents will enable you to electronically search and distribute essential information. This will save you and your staff from spending countless hours manually searching through and organizing paper documents and free up time for more important tasks.

We can accurately scan your documents to searchable PDF Files using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as well as create bookmarks for various sections or document types within each document. Files can be indexed by employee name, account number, date, or any other pertinent information. This allows you to find exactly what you need in a matter of seconds instead of minutes or even hours. 

What Types of Education Records Do We Scan?


  • Employee Contracts

  • Medical/Insurance Records

  • Background Checks & Drug Tests

  • Resumes & References

  • Social Security Cards & Drivers Licenses

  • Passports & Birth Certificates

  • I-9 & W-4 Forms

  • Retirement & Pension Files

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