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Web Based Document Management System
Eliminate Paper and decentralize your business process

The solution is not a collage of different solutions; it is an organically developed modular ECM solution,

508C (handicapped) compliant, and HIPAA-compliant, that uses the same user interface, content depository, and security modules.  The module nature of the system allows Bristol Local School District to expand their use of the ECM in their own time frame and based on their immediate and future needs. 


In order to ensure 24x7 availability, the solution is hosted in a comprehensive server farm.  Due to these measures, our clients have not experienced any outages.


Search and Retrieve

A powerful web-based search engine lets you retrieve documents in seconds – all you have to do is to specify the document categories and index fields required. Documents can be accessed from any location at any time, quickly and easily, through the intuitive web interface. All documents can be retrieved as PDF , TIFF, or documents native format such as Microsoft word, excel. Results can be viewed and/or distribute by print or email.

Capture Upload Index

You can scan, categorize and upload your printed documents, making those documents instantly available to your users online. Alternatively we will upload electronic images and index data sent by you or your provider of choice.

Secure, Scalable and Reliable Architecture

The solution maintains a high level of security by creating a custom set of product rights and privileges for each user/ user group. The architecture provides scalable and reliable access to the content repositories and backward compatibility with existing content.

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